Cleveland: St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Headed to the St. Patrick’s Day Parade!

I have been hearing about The Cleveland St. Patrick’s Day Parade for such a long time… Literally before I even moved to Cleveland, someone mentioned it as a “Must See” event. Well, it has been five years since that move and I am finally going to see what all the talk is about.

A Money Saving Tips to Consider (While I Wait for the Fun to Begin):

  • Parking: Get downtown early! Meter parking is available nearby and more importantly, free! (Thank goodness.) But they will not be available if you wait until the last-minute to make your way downtown. If you cannot find any of the free parking spots, consider wearing comfortable shoes and parking a little bit farther away. To avoid this issue altogether, consider taking public transportation. The RTA Heathline
  • Food: Bring a small bag of snacks and water. Granted there may be someone walking around trying to sell water for $2.00 a bottle and sure that’s only eight quarters. But that money will come in handy next time you need to pay for a meter downtown… I have already given away two granola bars since setting up my little fold up chair. I brought plenty of snacks… A bag full actually… And a few bottles of water. If you are bringing children, definitely try to eat before you come or bring fruit for everyone to snack on during the parade. The “Oats and Honey” and “Peanut Butter” Nature Valley bars I gave away were a big hit with the kids who asked for one – until I told them that there would probably be candy thrown from the parade floats at some point.

People are starting to stream in, laying out blankets and setting up folding chairs. Things should be getting started soon, so I better get my camera ready!

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