My First Tye Tribbett Concert!

at The Word Church

Not one clear shot the entire show. Either I was jumping or he was running, jumping, dipping, dancing. All I know is… Not IF, but WHEN I see Tye Tribbett in concert again:

  1. I will not wear boots… with heels. Gel soles couldn’t even save me last night.
  2. I will be upgrading the tall latte to grande. Stashing a red bull in my purse may not be a bad idea either.

I tried to capture some video, but security quickly put a stop to that. The guard later came back to tell me that I could snap photos. I was having too much fun to even care at that point. I snapped this picture because I wanted to remember this day. But the second I took the picture I realized, no. I need to just unplug and be present in this moment – no distractions. No tweeting, texting, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Soundtracking, Path, Twitvid, Viddy, Vine, Socialcam…

Just enjoy the show and receive the anointing.

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