What About Florence Ballard?

When Florence Ballard died on Feb. 22, 1976 at 32 of coronary artery thrombosis, eight years to the day she was released from her MoTown contract, she left behind three daughters and an impeccable legacy in music. Considered “one of rock’s greatest tragedies”, her death also meant the end to a woman trying to piece her dreams back together to sing another day. – Ashley Gall Terrell, Huffington Post, February 22, 2016

I remember being a page at the Cleveland Heights Library hoarding books on the bottom row of my cart… There was one about Flo Ballard that I couldn’t wait to get home and read – and it was the one mentioned in this article. Robert Townsend should make this his next project. (Wishful thinking.) Or maybe a film covering Flo, Tammi (Terrell), and other women in the industry, during that era, who were counted out at some point… I wonder how her daughters are doing now? (Read More via Huffington Post)

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