Esther Challenge: PRIDE


The story ends right where it started, but completely reversed. We have the same King and the same City that we started with, but Vashti is no longer queen. Instead, a young Jewish girl, Esther is Queen. The proud Haman is no more and his plan to annihilate the Jews led to his own destruction. Loyal Mordecai was raised up to replace Haman; bringing peace and prosperity to the Persian empire.

So who are you, Haman or Mordecai and Esther? None of us want to be a Haman, but sometimes we act like him. Sometimes we’re self-centred, bubbling with pride and arrogance. But as we have seen, pride comes before destruction.

We don’t want to be like that. We want to be like Esther and Mordecai. They simply did what was right. Most importantly, they were obedient to God! And God, in His own way, raised them up to positions of honour and prominence that nobody could have ever imagined.

God will do that for you too, if you follow His ways, wait for His timing, and trust Him with your life.

Almighty God, I thank You for the gift of Your marvellous Word. As I have spent the past ten days studying the remarkable story of Esther, I pray that it will not just be a study, but it will be something that I live by from now on.

I know that You have given me a purpose, just like you gave Esther. Help me to walk in that purpose and understand how to fulfil it for Your glory.

Lord, I desire for the virtue of obedience to be embedded in my character and to be led by Your Spirit that I may receive uncommon favour as a result.

Holy Spirit, help me to cultivate a lifestyle of prayer, to be totally dependent on You! Turn my life around for the better like you did in the lives of Esther and Mordecai. Let everything that I am going through be used for Your glory.

Lord, break me and build me up again, so that my character, speech and conduct reflect You! Make me man/woman of integrity, humility, patience, obedience, courage and passion. Be at the centre of it all Lord and let my destiny be fulfilled.


This prayer from Dr. Kanayo sums up all that I desire my walk with Christ to be.

– Auntie Nique

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