Pray for Your Strong Friends Too

Being strong doesn’t mean you’re supposed to have it all figured out.

Everyone has a friend that seemingly has it all together on the surface. She’s an inspiration. She’s witty; always knows the right thing to say, and never seems to miss a beat when it comes to reaching her goals.

But just like a building that can withstand any storm, people need a solid foundation. That support could come in the form of friends, family, books, or even the occasional Super Soul Sunday. But the only way to ensure the amount of strength needed to survive the ups and downs of life is prayer.

I’m guilty of not making enough time in the morning or after a long day to spend quiet time with God. But the fact is, when I don’t, it shows. But when my friends and family are in need of support that I can’t give with a hug, money, or kind word, I know that I have to go to God. I’m not talking about saying, “Girl, I’ll keep you in prayer,” and go on about my day like I’ve done a good deed. I mean stopping and actually taking a moment to ask God to make His presence, power, and love known to someone who may be relying too much on their own understanding.

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