Hold Your Position

Have you ever been around a person who seems uncomfortable with your ambition? You know, the person who makes light of your accomplishments; questions moves that will undoubtedly help you grow personally/professionally? Someone that makes FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) not only sound like the boogeyman but lethal?

Years ago… Many, many years ago I entertained conversations like this. I found myself shrinking in order to make them comfortable and second guessing myself for wanting more. I cringe (and roll my eyes extra hard) thinking about the time wasted on trying to convince them that my dreams are valid; and that they should find one that does not depreciate when you drive it off the lot.

It takes courage to be yourself and walk in your purpose. Especially when it seems like the rest of the world is busy playing the compete and compare game. Don’t be pressed… Be the exception and happy with your portion. The person who stands out for simply being who you were called to be.

Are you dealing with someone like this?

A boyfriend, friend, associate, family member? Run. If you can’t do that, limit the amount of time you spend around them. Be respectful but vigilant over the dream God put in your heart. It is your responsibility to make sure this mission is accomplished and handled with care. Equip yourself with the truth. Read, study, and pray for God to protect your spirit from negativity and fill it with faith that is fearless and unshakable. Hold your position and never settle.

See below for a great resource that I discovered during many days of camping out with my laptop at a coffee shop in Cleveland. (Shout out to the University Heights Starbucks crew!)

Search the hashtag #NeverSettleClub on social media for inspiration.

Here’s a great read to add to your daily routine: Commanding Your Morning by Cindy Trimm

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