Thank You Franchesca

I have been a fan of Franchesca Ramsey since… Well… This. Honey… I holler. Every. Single. Time… And I just want to say “Thank You.”

Franchesca, you have been going hard or “doing it for the culture” before that was even a thing. I know you often say that you do not speak for all black people. But Sis, you can represent for me anytime you want. Not only have you been outspoken about some of the things that I have personally encountered, but you stood up for me, while I either fumed or suffered in silence.

If no one else has told you, let me be the first, or even one of many, THANK YOU.

MTV Decoded is a weekly series on MTV News where the fearless Franchesca Ramsey tackles race, pop culture, and other uncomfortable things, in funny and thought-provoking ways. Half sketch comedy, half vlog. CLICK HERE to watch the latest episode.

Photo Credit: MTV

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